Meaghan started her journey in the world of dance as a young teenager, initially taking classes for Hip Hop and Latin. She found herself drawn to music and began editing tracks on her laptop for her dance performances and choreography. Her interest in music production led her to explore DJ software, and she began experimenting with mixing music. After receiving a Midi Controller as a birthday gift, she started working with NI Traktor. During the Covid-19 lockdown, Meaghan utilized the time to further hone her skills and recorded some house and Tech House sets that she shared on social media platforms like YouTube and Soundcloud.

Meaghan’s DJing career took off in 2022 when she performed at numerous festivals, including Sunrise, TML Winter, Land Of Love, and Tomorrowland. She was also invited to perform at different clubs in the EU. Her passion and dedication towards her craft as a Deejay, Producer & singer are evident in her work, and her first Tech House tracks have been released.


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