DJ Yolotanker


When DJ YOLOTANKER – by far the most talented DJ on the Kurious roster – released his first two singles, a remix of Christoff’s ‘Onze Vader’ and ‘#AMEN’, the world wide web stopped and took a breath. The tunes and videoclip became instant internet phenomena and so did the DJ. Since then, DJ YOLOTANKER is touring everywhere, serving nothing but the best classic sing-alongs combined with heavy beats and an excessive usage of airhorn samples. His ‘wedding party from hell’ has left trails of destruction at Pukkelpop, Werchter, Crammerock, Les Ardentes, Sportpaleis and many, many more festivals and venues. His pumping remixes of Ingeborg, Toto, Bazart, the Impermo tune, etc have bombarded him into a household name at Studio Brussels. Legend has it that he is also an extremely skilled lover! #AMEN


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